suchak house

suchak-house-draw-edAnother 1930’s Dar gem still standing on Jamhuri Street.

street lamp style

znz-street-lamp-jerry-canZanzibar recycled jerry can street lamp style

karibuni viti

karibu-kiti-framed-picMore streetĀ chair homage from a new drawing series in recycled green room frames.

dar es salaam bookshop

asgari-building-draw-with-sky-smAllegedly the oldest bookshop in Tanzania, the Dar es Salaam bookshop has been in this building on Makunganya Street since itĀ opened in 1935.

lonely chairs

askari-chair-jun17-flat-smAskari chairs are increasingly lonely in Uhindini now that restaurant chairs on pavements have apparently been banned.

the salama building

salama-building-draw-smA gem on Aggrey Street. If anyone has any information or stories about this building or street please share!

rainy season print

ndizi-print-smNew print now available at the green room, slipway, dar es salaam.


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