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tanga-by-park-flat-wFollowing on from ‘Street Level’,  ‘Sea Level’ is a new body of work portraying the architectural and cultural heritage of coastal Tanzania. Progressing slightly slower than planned, but still very much on the cards.

This wonderfully arched building overlooks Uhuru Park in Tanga.


suchak house

suchak-house-draw-edAnother 1930’s Dar gem still standing on Jamhuri Street.

street lamp style

znz-street-lamp-jerry-canZanzibar recycled jerry can street lamp style

karibuni viti

karibu-kiti-framed-picMore street chair homage from a new drawing series in recycled green room frames.

dar es salaam bookshop

asgari-building-draw-with-sky-smAllegedly the oldest bookshop in Tanzania, the Dar es Salaam bookshop has been in this building on Makunganya Street since it opened in 1935.

lonely chairs

askari-chair-jun17-flat-smAskari chairs are increasingly lonely in Uhindini now that restaurant chairs on pavements have apparently been banned.


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