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sweeperBefore the sun rises, she walks, walks to get there because a free ride is never going to come, and bus fare is at home buying lunch for the kids. Her broken slippers obeying every step, her tired limbs lifting, one after another, she gets there.

Time to get going! It is a windy morning, sand blowing off the road, straight into her uncovered face, but she has to work. She checks her purse to make sure her lunch coins are there. Pushes the purse into her loose bra, ties her khanga tighter so she doesn’t have to worry about it once in action. She picks up her broom, and the office is officially open. Her workplace is a simple landscape; the most expensive item is a wheel burrow. 

Excerpt from ‘And she Sweeps’ by Amabilis Batamula

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salamanderThe Salamander building – one of the victims of Dar demolition.

If you have any memories, stories, anecdotes about this or other buildings in Dar es Salaam I would love to hear from you.

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mkokoteni snoozeIt was ordinary for Gibson to nap in front of the world, especially after an acid morning carting coconuts to his top customers’ eateries. That day, he reckoned he had spent enough time scrapping for lane space and losing momentum in potholes. So he wheeled his mkokoteni over to the dusty rubbly edge of the construction site he went to on Tuesdays. Gibson liked being near Development, and even though iron sheets kept its broad legs out of view, the sound of it welding and pounding lulled him to sleep. 

Excerpt from a piece by Diana Nyaki

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wali nyamaDar es Salaam may not be internationally renowned for its cuisine, but you cant go wrong with Jackie’s wali nyama – filling, affordable and delicious!

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