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posta newsPosters and billboards, new and old, Zain, Zantel, Vodacom, Tigo, crowd the wall competing for space with the frayed faces of politicians from the recent 2010 elections, leaving no empty spot. Drenched and torn, the posters were meant to be taken down many months ago, but stay on…

A newspaper seller sits waiting for a customer to choose from a whole selection of newspapers – Nipashe, Majira, Championi, This Day, Daily News, The Guardian, Msema Kweli, Mwanajamii Tanzania – seemingly indifferent as the customers walk past. Too humid for graciousness, the seller shuts his eyes, takes a nap and visits a cooler place – a haven of peace – in his dreams. Grrrrrr, brrrrrrr, the noisy, droning hums of the portable generators, lined up all along, do not disturb his sleep.

excerpt from D’aroma by Nahida Esmail


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dukasThere is something reassuringly generic about most local dukas. A battered fridge full of sodas, an assortment of cigarettes with a lighter on a string, sachets of soap powder, tea, shampoo and cooking oil, blocks of brightly coloured soap and tubs of even more brightly coloured sweets, a few brooms, pots of indestructible Blue Band margarine, rolls of toilet paper, packets of salt, toothbrushes, toothpaste and phone credit vouchers, bread and eggs. Whether you are on a road trip out of town or in any corner of Dar a duka near you can fulfill your generic needs!


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