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a battle to the death

barwani-building-drawElsie Eyakuze says it eloquently in the East African:

“And when Minister of Water and Irrigation Jumanne Maghembe confirmed that nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of progress, especially not charming old buildings with a tendency to list tipsily like a parliamentarian encountered by chance after hours at a local dive, well… The battle lines were absolutely drawn in the beach sand.

The eternal struggle between brutish, mechanical modernity and the organic present and past has become a battle to the death in Dar es Salaam.”

Read the full article here.

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samora-ave-draw-col-wOne of 5 buildings on Samora Avenue demolished last weekend.

According to the Citizen newspaper:
The demolition went on smoothly. In fact some tenants packed their belongings on Friday and left for fear of losing them. Those who believed that NHC would not execute its determination were shocked and struggled to save their goods as bulldozers were pulling down the buildings.

“We managed to recover some but the rest of my properties have been destroyed or looted,” said Ms Tatu Ali who owned a shop in one of the buildings.

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central park dance skaters

20_central-park-scaters-wForgive the tangent, but i couldn’t resist posting this New York sunday drawing. A brief foray from Dar es Salaam to the big apple!

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karibu brooklyn!

SL mocada flier

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