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3rd edition!

Street Level third edition is now available!


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suchak house

suchak-house-draw-edAnother 1930’s Dar gem still standing on Jamhuri Street.

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Mzee Kibanana

mzee-banana-house-drawOne of the most majestic buildings on Pangani’s now sleepy India Street, Mzee Kibanana’s house is a legacy of the Asian merchants who traded ivory, sugar, copra and other goods here from the mid 19th century onwards.

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shotgun house

marigny-house-draw-1f-smArchitectural inspirations in wondrous New Orleans.

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bagamoyo-mwambao-rd-A crumbling reminder of Bagamoyo’s past – still inhabited but in need of help.

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nkrumah-roundabout-demIts scary how quickly Street Level is becoming a historical record rather than a celebration of Dar’s architectural gems. Today Blaschke House is being demolished. Adorning the clock tower roundabout where Samora Avenue joins Railway Street since 1907, in a few more days only the shiny mbati around it will remain. Who knows what modern wonder will then replace it.

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sea level

bagamoyo-customs-houseA new project for the new year! Sea Level – documenting and celebrating the cultural and architectural heritage of the Tanzanian coast. More info coming soon, but first this image of the Old Customs House in Bagamoyo – built in the German period between 1889 and 1895. To this day the site remains a busy spot for dhows and trucks transporting goods to and from the mainland to Zanzibar and beyond.

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