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samora-ave-draw-col-wOne of 5 buildings on Samora Avenue demolished last weekend.

According to the Citizen newspaper:
The demolition went on smoothly. In fact some tenants packed their belongings on Friday and left for fear of losing them. Those who believed that NHC would not execute its determination were shocked and struggled to save their goods as bulldozers were pulling down the buildings.

“We managed to recover some but the rest of my properties have been destroyed or looted,” said Ms Tatu Ali who owned a shop in one of the buildings.


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nkrumah-roundabout-demIts scary how quickly Street Level is becoming a historical record rather than a celebration of Dar’s architectural gems. Today Blaschke House is being demolished. Adorning the clock tower roundabout where Samora Avenue joins Railway Street since 1907, in a few more days only the shiny mbati around it will remain. Who knows what modern wonder will then replace it.

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and then there were three

kisutuThis lovely 1937 creation – one of a series of four similar buildings on Mosque Street was demolished in the last few weeks…. (but there will be some good news for the new year coming soon, honest!)

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habib punja starThis building stood on the corner of Aggrey Street and Indira Gandhi Road until its demolition in 2008. Habib Punja was one of Dar’s leading Asian businessmen in the 1930s and 40s. Starting as a retailer, he set up a soap factory in 1933, moved into milling in 1941 and later acquired interest in building materials and urban property. The family also built the Sun and Sands Hotel (now accomodation for Selander Bridge Police).

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bagamoyo houseAnother of Dar’s architectural wonders that has sadly been demolished. If anyone has any stories or info about this building I would love to hear from you.

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salamanderThe Salamander building – one of the victims of Dar demolition.

If you have any memories, stories, anecdotes about this or other buildings in Dar es Salaam I would love to hear from you.

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