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3rd edition!

Street Level third edition is now available!

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gleaming towers

bus-stop-duka-copyThe layered histories of Dar es Salaam are slowly erased as these buildings come down and their residents are forced out. Many may end up in the unplanned neighbourhoods that house 70% of the city’s inhabitants, where poverty dictates that tea-leaves and sugar are sold by the spoonful. In their place are gleaming towers, whose enclosed facades provide no glimpses of lived lives, except your own reflection that they throw back at you.

Excerpt from writing by Knut Myhre (to be included in the 3rd edition of Street Level fingers crossed!)

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tanga-by-park-flat-wFollowing on from ‘Street Level’,  ‘Sea Level’ is a new body of work portraying the architectural and cultural heritage of coastal Tanzania. Progressing slightly slower than planned, but still very much on the cards.

This wonderfully arched building overlooks Uhuru Park in Tanga.


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sea level

bagamoyo-customs-houseA new project for the new year! Sea Level – documenting and celebrating the cultural and architectural heritage of the Tanzanian coast. More info coming soon, but first this image of the Old Customs House in Bagamoyo – built in the German period between 1889 and 1895. To this day the site remains a busy spot for dhows and trucks transporting goods to and from the mainland to Zanzibar and beyond.

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