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anjuman islamia

keep an eye out for this stunning building on Bibi Titi Mohammed Road almost opposite the Uhuru Torch monument in Mnazi Mmoja

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hamid mansion

Hamid Mansion on the corner of Mosque and Mshihiri streets is a fine example of Dar’s architectural style from the early sixties. Its stylish ‘egg-box’ window units are inspired by the innovations of the French architect Le Corbusier.

Being adjacent to the famous New Zahir restaurant you can admire its fine details with a belly full of delicious fried chicken or biryani.

As ever, if anyone has any information or stories about this building, please let me know!

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capital bureau

capital paintThis stunning building on Zanaki Street stands close to the Bohora Mosque and is reputedly the creation of a wealthy member of that community known as the “King of Pemba”. The cantilevered balcony and ornate woodwork make it easy to imagine the building as it was in the past – at the centre of the old Indian Bazaar.

from text for Street Level by Karen Moon


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union bank

A huge asante sana to all those who came to the exhibition opening! If you didn’t make it, the artwork remains on show until the 13th November so karibu sana to drop in to the Alliance Francaise Mon – Sat 10am to 8pm if you didn’t make it before.

As per the announcement at the opening, i will be launching a small competition here soon for short written stories and anecdotes about Dar.

Keep checking the blog for updates on the Street Level book – and feel free to post a comment or email me if you want to sign up for a copy.

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mkokoteni snoozeIt was ordinary for Gibson to nap in front of the world, especially after an acid morning carting coconuts to his top customers’ eateries. That day, he reckoned he had spent enough time scrapping for lane space and losing momentum in potholes. So he wheeled his mkokoteni over to the dusty rubbly edge of the construction site he went to on Tuesdays. Gibson liked being near Development, and even though iron sheets kept its broad legs out of view, the sound of it welding and pounding lulled him to sleep. 

Excerpt from a piece by Diana Nyaki

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sorry bajajIt seems bajaji inspire similar love or hate reactions as daladalas (and marmite)… but at least one in Dar has given the downside some thought…

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green oranges


Juice dribbles slowly down his chin as he grins at me. Otherwise motionless, he carefully sucks every last piece of the fruit without breaking his smiling gaze. Sparkly eyes above a sun faded yellow football shirt. The dark ‘Fly Emirates’ slogan yells silently from his chest.

Casting the skin aside he finally turns and rearranges the baskets on his bicycle, crammed full with sweet green oranges to sell in town.

‘Fly Emirates’ is emblazoned across his back as well. This sinew limbed cyclist farmer, advertising one of the richest airlines in the world. His shirt has already travelled thousands of miles more than he ever will. I doubt he even has a passport, let alone anything more tangible than distant dreams of flight. 

I buy a sweet green orange and as the juice dribbles down my chin, i dream of standing on a london street and seeing ‘sweet green Tanzanian oranges’ emblazoned across a grinning businessman’s chest.

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