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3rd edition!

Street Level third edition is now available!

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side go

dulla-services-kilwa-bgYou can now follow Street Level on facebook too!

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now available online

znz dala cardStreet Level greetings cards of 12 different designs are now available from the fabulous african lookbook site.

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safari time

water carrier

Dar Sketches is heading to the States for some Street Level book events – so anyone in the Washington area – karibu sana! Busboys and Poets 1st Nov, Library of Congress 2nd, Smithsonian Museum of African Art 3rd.

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Over time, the city absorbs you, drawing you into its humidity; salt air, mosquitoes and human richness flowing around and seeping into the ready-to-drop plaster of its buildings. As if somewhere, deep inside of me the song sheet of my life has found in this place, in these streets and buildings, the orchestra to play its tune. Here now, it seems the most natural thing in the world to say I have become part of this city.

Excerpt from Haven of Peace by James Maroney, included in the second edition of Street Level

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VX bajaji

flag bajajiwishing you all a lovely christmas and utterly fabulous start to 2012

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writers submissionsTHE BRIEF: Pretty much anything inspired by Dar es Salaam past or present will be considered. Max 1000 words.

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street vendorsthe fabulous folk at mambo magazine have reviewed street level: http://www.mambomagazine.com/in-deep/arts-and-culture/sense-place

asante sana!!!

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pattani house

A huge thankyou to all you wondrous folk who have been so enthusiastic about the Street Level book in all sorts of different ways. And fear not, this is not the end of the project – other plans are already afoot and the drawings will continue as long as there are wonderfully dar scenes to draw… like this lovely collection of building styles on Indira Ghandi street.

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book photo

So it really has taken on physical form now, i promise. If you don’t believe me you can drop into the Green Room and take a look at the sample copy (I keep on having to go and double¬†check myself). Sale copies should be available in the next few weeks – kweli kweli!

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